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How do I update the Microfuzion Speed Camera Detector ?
  To update your GPS based microfuzion speed camera detection system, you need to register you unit first. You may register by clicking on the registration tab on the front page of the microfuzion web site or by using the link below:

Once you have registered you may log in to your account using the 'Log In' tab at the top of this page or by using the link below:

I've lost my password, how do I recover it ?
  You may recover your password by entering your details in the link below:

Where do I find the serial number ?
  The serial number can be found on the underside of the Microfuzion speed camera detector
When I try to update I get the message "Target not responding" or "Exist Virtual Serial Port cannot open serial port" or there is no selection for Com Ports on the drop down box.
  This message appears when there is a possible conflict with another USB device connected to your computer. You should remove all other USB devices (except your mouse and your keyboard) and then restart your computer and try and update the unit again.

If you have activeSync installed, you should temporarily disable it, to do this open activeSync, click on 'file', 'connection settings' and then remove ALL the ticks from the selection boxes. Restart your computer and follow the update procedure again, this should solve any conflicts you may have on your system.

Is the Microfuzion Speed Camera Detector legal ?
  Yes we guarantee that this is 100% legal and will always be legal as it uses GPS technology to detect cameras. When buying a speed camera detector  you should find out if it uses GPS or Laser detection technology. If it uses laser detection technology you should be cautious as laser detection may become illegal in the future.
How do I install the unit in my car ?
  Fortunately we have manufactured this unit with you, the user, in mind. You simply plug in the power lead in your car cigar socket and turn the Microfuzion unit on - and you're ready to drive.

Why is the price so low ?

  As these are manufactured by us and supplied directly through our own distribution channel, we are able to sell this unit at an affordable price WITHOUT compromising on features, quality or technology. We use the latest technology and GPS chipset in our unit and we are constantly updating our firmware bringing you new features all the time and, importantly, all for free with no further charges once you purchase the unit.
How often should I update the Microfuzion Speed Camera Detector ?
  Although cameras are updated on a daily basis, we recommend updating your microfuzion speed camera detector every two weeks.
I do not have a serial port on my pc ?
  99% of PCs have a serial port, however if your laptop or main PC does not have a serial port we have a USB solution available in our accessories section. Click here to see all the accessories available for the Microfuzion Speed Camera detector.
How do I report a stolen Microfuzion Speed Camera Detector ?
  If your microfuzion has been stolen you should (1) report this to your local police station and (2) Email us at You should include your username and email address and we will deactivate the unit rendering the stolen unit useless.
The update window is too big for my screen, I cannot see it ?
  You need to change the screen resolution on your desktop pc, to do this right click you mouse on the desktop and select properties, then click on the settings tab, and move the screen resolution pointer to the right and then click on apply and then ok.

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