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We do not use the inferior laser technology which is currently legal in the UK BUT there is a chance that it won't be in the future.
Micro Fuzion uses GPS based technology which is 100% legal and extremely accurate. False alerts are eliminated as all camera positions are fixed within our database and are updated frequently. 
Laser technology is only useful for detecting laser guns and mobile laser detection units used by the police force in blackspot areas. We offer a laser detection add on for our GPS based unit to ensure that you are able to drive safely at all time and have advance warnings of danger areas. Laser detectors do NOT warn you of speed cameras.
Micro Fuzion uses a combination of voice alerts and LED display notifications to ensure that you are warned well in advance of approaching speed cameras.
Micro Fuzion knows what speed you're travelling at, so if you're in close proximity of a speed camera it tells you that you are over the speed limit. This features ensures that you slow down as it will continue to warn you if you are still over the speed limit in close proximity of a camera.

AROUND three million motorists are expected to get a speeding conviction this year thanks mainly to the rise of the speed camera. In just three years from 2000-2003, the number of speeding fines issued using cameras increased by seven times. Read the article by clicking here.

Motoring offences reached a record 13.2 million in England and more by clicking here
Road deaths rise despite record speed camera the full article from The Time newspaper by clicking here
4 in 10 drivers have points on their licence, click here to read the full article from the Daily Mail

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